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How to launch a system of constant income for your investment, even if your trading has previously brought losses and disappointments.

The Order FLOW Strategy 2.0

Implement the strategy of smart traders who repeat the actions of large players, reduce risks and ensure a constant flow of capital into your account, even if you have already lost large sums of money before.
Is this you?
I used to think I was pretty good at investing. Made some decent money and felt pretty confident about it. But then, everything just flipped upside down. This year? Man, it was rough. I lost a bunch of money, and it really messed with my head. All the stuff I thought I knew just stopped working. I'd wake up every morning thinking, "What the heck am I doing wrong?" It was like being stuck in a bad dream that wouldn’t end.

So, I started looking for a way out. Read every book I could find, listened to all the experts, hours on YouTube, and I tried different things. But nothing clicked. I just felt more lost. My friends kept telling me to hang in there, but inside, I felt like something had broken. I was second-guessing everything, and my confidence was shot.

Then, I figured maybe I needed a break. I stepped back from all the trading madness to get some air. That’s when it hit me. It wasn't just the market messing me up; I was part of the problem too. I was too cocky, not careful enough with the risks.
But than...
I found the order flow strategy. It's the same that used by banks & hedge-funds. Bit by bit, I started feeling more like my old self. Realized that messing up is part of the game. It taught me to be smarter, and more focused. And guess what? I didn’t just stop the bleeding; I actually started doing better than before. Turns out, it's not about how hard you fall; it’s about how you pick yourself back up.
With this new understanding, I slowly returned to trading. But this time, I took a different path. I started small, more cautiously selecting my investments. I learned to manage my emotions and not let fear or greed control my decisions. Now, I trade not for quick profit, but with wisdom and patience. Thanks, Yuriy and the Bikotrading community. 

Do you want to get back on track and build a successful trading career? 

If so ...
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The Bikotrading program lets you bypass all the guesswork and long hours glued to a screen, teaching you the essentials of stress-free investing and trading. Rather than navigating a trial-and-error path on your own, you'll be able to follow in the footsteps of thousands of successful investors. With Bikotrading, you'll gain access to the same skills, strategies, and mindsets that have proven effective, and you can apply these directly to your own portfolio.
Solid Community Support
An empowering space designed for both aspiring and seasoned traders seeking success in the dynamic world of trading. Our community is more than just a network; it's a thriving hub where expertise, strategies, and real-time insights converge. 
Here, you'll find a diverse group of individuals, united by their passion for trading. From beginners taking their first steps to experienced traders honing their craft, our community offers a unique blend of support, education, and collaboration.

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Break the cycle of trading losses and frustration by learning the right trading techniques.
Learn The Order Flow Strategy used by banks & hedge-funds
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Yuriy Bishko: exceptional expertise.

  • Professional trader with a profit of $500+ per 1 trade
  • Annual capital turnover – $25-50 million
  • Trading volume per trade – $25-100 thousand
  • ​9 years of experience in professional trading
  • ​Among the top five traders on TradingView
*According to
From Novice to Pro Trader: 

Unleash Your Potential with Bikotrading’s Expertise!

Drawing on my deep expertise and successful track record, and backed by the glowing testimonials from those who've experienced Bikotrading courses first-hand, I'm boldly claiming this: You won't find training anywhere that comes even close to what Bikotrading offers. This is not just another course – it's a game-changer in your trading journey. Are you ready to experience the unmatched level of training that only Bikotrading delivers?
Discover What Awaits You:
Dive into seven comprehensive training modules, enriched with extensive hands-on practice to sharpen your skills.
Throughout these courses, we'll tackle critical queries and master key skills:

• Mastering the Art of Identifying Entry and Exit Points: Pinpoint the perfect moments to make your move.
• Profit-Taking Strategies: Learn when to cash in, resisting the temptation to overreach for that 'extra bit' that could risk it all.
• Implementing Solid Risk Management: Protect your investments by avoiding significant losses.
• Crafting a Long-Term Trading Strategy: Say goodbye to guesswork and gambling; it's time for a clear, structured plan that spans from one year to a lifetime.
• Access to materials 24/7
🧠💡From Strategy to Execution, this is your path to data-driven trading excellence

This Course is designed to mirror your first day at a top-tier trading firm, challenging the conventional approach of traditional retail trading education. The usual focus on basic buying and selling, jumping directly onto chart analysis? That's not the route to success here.

We start by crafting a comprehensive business plan and schedule together. Our journey involves exploring various institutions to ensure we align with the right training approach, sequence, and timing to maximize your success potential.

Next, we delve deep into the core of trading, leaving charts aside for a moment. Our focus shifts to the raw data that drives markets. In the course, chart analysis takes a backseat as we concentrate entirely on understanding supply and demand, the real dynamics of buying and selling.

You'll learn from the ground up how to interpret institutional order flow using a DOM (Depth of Market), accompanied by practical exercises. These exercises are designed to cement your grasp of volume profiling and other advanced techniques we'll explore in the course.

Our goal isn't to trade off a DOM – that's just the beginning.  we shift our focus away from it. The intent is to provide you with a robust understanding of the forces driving every tool in the marketplace before we start applying them in chart analysis.

The course is designed to take a minimum of three months, depending on your availability,  There’s no rush. I strongly advise taking the time needed to build a solid foundation.
Why is this valuable?
The course takes into account your unique experience and situation, offering personalized solutions rather than general advice that may not be effective for your specific case.
So What The Price?
Our training is typically a premium offering, valued at $1,499 for the general audience, exclusive of any bonuses. However, your input on our revamped course, a labor of our dedication and time, is invaluable to us.

Selling this training at a lower price point doesn't align with our standards. It would impact the quality of the personal consultations we provide.

Right now, we're in the midst of an experimental phase.

As part of this unique trial, crafting your personal trading strategy won't cost you $1200, not even $997, or $799 (and the list could go on).

Get ready for this: the total cost is a fraction of its true value. Buckle up.


Well, to make my offer absolutely fabulous, I will give you 3 bonuses that will make this course instantly pay for itself.
Fabulous Bonuses
In conclusion, these aren't just bonuses; they're your golden tickets to the next level in trading mastery. Imagine having personalized insights from top financial experts, being part of an elite circle of market leaders, and wielding the power of cutting-edge analytical tools. This is more than just an opportunity; it's a transformation of your trading journey. So, are you ready to leap ahead of the curve and embrace the success that awaits? Act now, because in the world of trading, the future belongs to those who seize the moment!


Exclusive Entry to the VIP Group: Direct Trade Signals from Yuri Himself! - Value $799

Unlock the door to our VIP group where Yuri, the master trader, will personally guide you with precise entry and exit points for your trades. This is your chance to trade alongside an expert, gaining insights and strategies directly from the source. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your trading game with Yuri's seasoned expertise!


Yuri's Exclusive Video Meetings: Trade Live and Get Your Questions Answered! - Value $899

Here's your golden ticket to closed video meetings with Yuri, where you'll have the unique opportunity to trade alongside him in real-time. This is more than just a learning experience; it's an interactive trading session. You'll have the chance to ask Yuri your burning questions, gain insights from his first-hand trading strategies, and refine your skills with direct guidance from a seasoned professional. It's an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your trading expertise in a personal and interactive setting. Don't miss this chance to trade shoulder-to-shoulder with Yuri!


A personalized trading strategy - Value $799

Tailored to Your Goals: A customized strategy aligns with your specific financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon, ensuring that your trading activities are focused on what you want to achieve.

Fast-Track to Trading Success:

How Bikotrading’s Course is Changing Lives!

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Here's the deal: This course is your ticket to a successful trading career. We're teaching you big-bank methods that cut down risks and losses, and bring money back into your account. Plus, you get lifetime membership in our exclusive traders' club. Think VIP signals doing the heavy lifting for you, showing you when to jump in and out of trades. It's your best shot at making your investment in knowledge pay off.

Don't just take my word for it, check out the glowing reviews from various traders. Peek at the program and grab your spot before the price jumps to $1,499 for the general public.

Your call.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the return policy on this product?
Due to the incredibly discounted price of this product, we will not be offering refunds for this sale.
Do I need to be in front of my screen all day?
Not at all. In a typical day, I trade about two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon - but it's not by any means necessary to trade both sessions. Two hours a day is plenty!

What is important is to be able to check the markets now and again during the period you choose to be active. That doesn't mean staring at the market going up and down. Watch it just enough so you can check on your positions in that period. The rest of the time I highly suggest you spend doing other things, be it your main job or even spending time on other things you enjoy. This will keep you fresh for the next day or next session you decide to trade.
What is the minimum amount required for trading?
We recommend that you start with a demo account and an amount of $100 to begin trading. In this case, you will be able to see how the market works, familiarize yourself with the exchange and learn how to open trades. It is better to start with a small amount and gradually increase your capital.
Will this knowledge be useful for other strategies?
Understanding the principles of Order Flow will help you build an individual trading strategy. This approach helps to understand market movements, predict price changes, and identify profitable entry points, so it allows you to assess the market in a comprehensive and detailed manner.
How quickly will the training pay off?
Our students open their first successful trades during the course of their studies, as we offer not only theoretical material but also practical trading on the market. We explain the principles of technical and fundamental market analysis, show profitable entry points, and teach risk management.
What indicators and tools are studied in the course?
The course involves studying key indicators and tools for safe trading, such as Volume Profile, DOM, Footprint, VWAP, ATR, Open Interest, and Cumulative Delta. These tools allow you to analyze volumes, market volatility, and create strategies based on accurate data, contributing to effective risk management and decision-making.

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